Testing and Measurement Services

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Directivity Measurements

Directivity Measurement is the essential part of accurate Loudspeaker Systems Design. Our Laboratory is fully equipped for directivity testing as a support for internal engineering and for any potential customer need.

GLL and CLF Creation

Our Laboratory is equipped to create high resolution models, up to 1 degree, of loudspeaker directivity and generates both GLL and CLF files for user applications.

Laboratory Tests

Our laboratory is equipped with the cutting-edge technology in measurement and testing to provide accurate and detailed analysis in loudspeaker system performances.

Power Testing

We can design and setup dedicated Power Tests and Life Tests for any kind of loudspeaker systems. We can perform Maximum Output measurement under any condition aswell.

Quality Control

We can design Quality Control Procedures for loudspeaker system manufacturing. We can supervise for high quality manufacturing process.

Installation Setup and On Site Tuning

We combine the most suitable technologies solutions with intellect and expertise to satisfy your business requirements

Loudspeaker Systems Tuning

We have a long time experience in on site tuning of loudspeaker systems, for both installed and touring sound applications, in any kind of location.

Product Application Case Studies

We collaborate  with several pro-audio and loudspeakers companies across the globe in order to study and analyze the sound systems specific applications.